How Long-Term Investing Beats the Ups and Downs of the Market

long-term investing

During turbulent times in the economy, the money you have been saving for a long time can face a serious chance of losing its value at alarming rates. In times like these, long-term investing as a strategy can offer to weather the effects of short-term movements in the market. With the right investment strategy in […]

Unknown Dangers: The Risks of Day Trading

day trading

There are multiple ways in which someone can make money, outside of working a regular full-time job. One such income-generating plan is speculative investing. A speculative investment has a large risk of losing value but, at the same time, has the expectation of large gains. The draw of speculation for some people is that the […]

Investing Resources and Tools To Help You Reach Your Financial Goals

Better Investing: Investing Resources and Tools To Help You Reach Your Financial Goals  At Ridgewood Investments, our advisors pride themselves on always continuing to seek out new knowledge about investments and the financial industry. Whether you are a new or an experienced investor, expanding your investing knowledge is essential. New investment options, shifting market conditions, […]

Questions Investment Advisors Ask to Personalize Your Financial Plan

Questions Investment Advisors Ask to Personalize Your Financial Plan

The Top Questions Your Investment Advisor Should Be Asking to Personalize Your Financial Plan When choosing a financial advisor, you will likely have a list of questions for your top candidates. You’ll want to know whether the advisor is a fiduciary, their investing philosophy, and logistics like how they communicate with clients. Interviewing a financial […]

Introduction to Non-Fungible Tokens

NFT digital image

NFTs for Creators and Investors If you have been reading about the recent rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum you may have heard of blockchains and various other developments such as the recent spike in popularity of certain non-fungible tokens or NFTs. The difference between NFTs and normal tokens is that in some respects […]

What Is A Multi-Family Office?

Family offices, which are private wealth management advisory firms that cater to ultra-high net worth investors, offer comprehensive services to manage the entire wealth of an individual or family. Family offices differ from traditional wealth management firms in that they offer a complete outsourced solution for all financial and investment concerns of their clients. Single-family […]

Large Brokerage Houses vs Boutique Investment Advisor Firms

What is the Difference Between a Large Brokerage House and a Boutique Investment Advisor Firm? Unless you are a do-it-yourself investor, finding the right financial advisor(s) to guide you is one the most important choices that you can control towards having a comfortable and worry free future.  A good or even great advisor can be […]

Effective Strategies to Maximize Income in Retirement

We all love to dream about the lazy days and freedom of retirement when working against a hard deadline or dealing with a difficult boss. In reality, many retirees find that they enjoy continuing to work in some capacity. Part-time work, consulting, and passion projects all become possible when you are no longer locked in […]

What Return Can You Expect on Your Investments?

What Return Can You Expect on Your Investments

Where you decide to invest your money can significantly affect how fast your funds grow and how much risk you are exposed to. In general, lower risk investments yield lower returns while higher risk investments have the potential for much higher returns but experience more volatility. A well-balanced portfolio will spread your money across different […]

How Do I Start Investing?

How do you start investing?

Investing your money is the most reliable way to grow your wealth and secure your future. Warren Buffet defines investing as “…the transfer to others of purchasing power now with the reasoned expectation of receiving more purchasing power — after taxes have been paid on nominal gains — in the future”.  In other words, you […]

The Gender Investment Gap

Women live longer on average than men but make significantly less money over the course of their careers. A May 2020 report from the National Institute for Retirement Security found that women earn roughly $0.80 for every dollar that men earn in wage work. This gender wage gap leads to significant retirement shortfalls for women […]